World Laser Masters Championship: An Overview, By Brodie Cobb

March 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the world of sailing, there exists a prominent racing championship for sailors who have mastered the nuances of sailing a Laser dinghy. The racing boat, under the One Design class rules, cannot be altered outside of race rules; thus, the champion has the distinction of having won a fair race against boats of equal ability. The World Laser Masters Championship is restricted to a specific allocation of entries per country, as well as particular boat parameters, and features adult sailors of all backgrounds broken into age group brackets in 5-year increments begining at 35 years of age.

The Laser is an athletic Olympic class boat. In the Masters classes, usually the most fit sailors will prevail especially in the more challenging windy conditions. Fitness preparation includes lots of on the water training, specialized weight training, and some form or aerobic training like cycling or running.

The 2012 World Laser Masters Championship took place in Brisbane, Australia, and encompassed a number of racing categories. The newly established 4.7 Masters category had 12 entrants, of which Claire Heenan took first place representing Australia.

For more information about Laser sailing and taking part in international races, visit

About the Author:

Brodie Cobb is an entrepreneur and athlete hailing from Dallas. In 2006, Mr. Cobb won the World Laser Masters Championship in South Korea; today, he is an avid time trial cyclist.


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