Brodie Cobb Discusses Private Equity at The Presidio Group

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Brodie Cobb Discusses Private Equity at The Presidio Group

The majority of private equity firms in the United States tailor their services for businesses with revenues in excess of $50 million. Relatively few firms provide services customized for smaller businesses. Less than five percent of American businesses have revenues in excess of $50 million, leaving an overwhelming percentage of businesses without access to individualized private equity services. Recognizing this unaddressed need, The Presidio Group LLC strives to meet the requirements of those businesses that do not have the option of turning to established private equity funds. The Presidio Group offers a degree of personal attention impossible with larger firms, fostering close relationships with its clients. The firm’s private equity professionals understand the importance of grasping the present and future goals of clients.

The Presidio Group LLC primarily invests in two areas: technology-enabled business services and financial services. The firm’s Fund I investments include those companies based in information technology, gaming kiosks, and business technology, as well as those in banking and real estate. When a great opportunity arises involving investments in other fields, The Presidio Group will capitalize on these options if it makes sense for their clients.

At present, entrepreneurs constitute more than 90 percent of The Presidio Group’s Private Equity clients. Many private equity firms function primarily as financial buyers. Due to its intimate relationship with entrepreneurs, however, The Presidio Group operates in a number of other capacities. The professionals at the firm understand how to expand businesses and build on existing services, often employing personal experience from former professional endeavors. In addition, The Presidio Group provides flexible capital to meet the needs of principals.

Many small business owners have recently come to The Presidio Group disgruntled with their experience at larger firms, which offer only rigid services that have resulted in the loss of substantial opportunity. Increasingly, small business owners turn to private advisory firms like The Presidio Group for an incomparable level of personalization and a true sense of what entrepreneurs need in terms of private equity.

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A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Master of Business Administration, Brodie Cobb founded The Presidio Group LLC in 1997. Brodie Cobb lends more than two decades of experience in the finance industry to his position as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. In addition to private equity services, The Presidio Group LLC also operates Investment Banking, Wealth Advisory, and Family Enterprise Strategies divisions.


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