Brodie Cobb’s Recreational Passions

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Financial services expert Brodie Cobb devotes the same passion he has for his financial advisory business, Presidio Financial Partners LLC, to his recreational pursuits, particularly sailing, cycling, and coaching.

Brodie Cobb’s sailing accomplishments include winning several national races in the United States and Europe, a world championship title in South Korea, and the invaluable prize of new relationships around the world through his involvement with the sport. Mr. Cobb also belongs to the North American Region of the International Laser Class Association, a worldwide organization for owners and other interested parties of Laser sailboats.

After winning the 2006 Laser Master World Championships in South Korea, Brodie Cobb decided to pursue a recreational sport that did not require him to travel away from his family. Mr. Cobb began participating in bicycle racing in 2010, focusing on time trials, an individualistic race made popular by the annual Tour de France. Time trials present their riders with two challenges: to win against other bikers and to improve their own time.

Cycling attracts participants who commit themselves to the rigorous training the sport requires. Motivated by bike technology and the discipline required of its riders, Brodie Cobb continued to improve his speed and strength through past seasons and recently placed 4th out of 11 cyclists and 11th of 36 cyclists in his category.

In addition to participating in sports, Brodie Cobb enjoys sharing his passion with youth athletes. Since 2003, Mr. Cobb has been coaching girls’ youth soccer. He also teaches sailing to young racers.


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