Investment Banking at The Presidio Group

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By Brodie Cobb

The Presidio Group LLC’s Investment Banking division distinguishes itself through its commitment to the client. All strategic or financing decisions that the firm makes take into account not just the client’s corporate assets, but alsothe owners’ personal financial goals. The division buys, sells, and raises capital according to what makes the most sense for the client’s goals in terms of both the present and the future. Investment Banking Team adopts a holistic view of clients, viewing each client not as a collection of assets and liabilities, but as an individual with personal ambitions and professional goals. These hopes and expectations become vital elements of managing risk and deciding which investment banking opportunities to pursue.  When formulating a strategy, The Presidio Group’s professionals strive to adopt the same point of view as their clients and integrate that viewpoint with their own experience and knowledge.

The Investment Banking team at The Presidio Group works closely with those professionals engaged in the Private Equity, Family Enterprise Strategies, and Wealth Advisory divisions to anticipate the needs of clients and possible issues involved with a given transaction. With significant experience across several different sectors, the Investment Banking Team understands the unique challenges that face various businesses and plans its strategy according to these potential problems, helping steer clients away from common pitfalls and avoid the threats that arise as businesses begin the expansion process. The bankers at The Presidio Group LLC collectively possess decades of experience in operations and corporate advisory positions, allowing them to provide clients with important insights and lead them to success. The professionals that constitute the senior team have filled roles at many of the top investment banking firms in the nation. Each member has a distinctive background with expertise in several different industries.

About the Author

Brodie Cobb acts as the Chief Executive Officer of The Presidio Group LLC, which he established almost 15 years ago. Today, the firm stands as one of the principal private investment firms in the nation, with offices in California, Texas, and North Carolina. When not engaged with The Presidio Group LLC, Brodie Cobb enjoys sailing and spending time with his wife and children.


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